Hyndland Station

Photo: Hyndland Station: Office block and station house after closure in 1970.
Photo by: John R. Hume

Glasgow Cross Station

Photo: Glasgow Cross Station as built, with Sir J.J. Burnet's octagonal surface building. The railed enclosure in the foreground hides the shaft ventilating and lighting the station underground. The octagonal building was replaced circa 1923 by a smaller and simpler structure, when access to the High Street was improved.
Photo by:T.R. Annan & Son

Glasgow Cross Station Platform

Photo: Glasgow Cross Station: Underground at Glasgow Cross in 1962, with a Rutherglen-bound train about to depart.
Photo by: John R. Hume

Crookston Station

Photo: Crookston Station: Platform building, built in 1885 when the Glasgow Paisley & Johnstone Canal was converted to a railway by the G&SW.
Photo by: John R. Hume


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