Mugdock Gunsite
Gridref: NS 5434 7727
Date of visit: 6th June 2003


Alternative Names: Mugdock Gunsite, Mugdock Anti-Aircraft battery, Mugdock gun battery.

Mugdock Anti-Aircraft battery: To The North of Mugdock wood and easily accessible from the Khyber car park, towards the North West of Mugdock Park is are ther emains of a second world war anti-aircraft battery. It was built after the Clydebank blitz in 1942 to help protect Glasgow and its facotries from attack.

The control building is located at NS 5434 7727 with the four gun emplacement positions to the E. Concrete cable channels survive leading from the control position to each of the gun platforms. To the N, (NS 5435 7735), is the water tank and at NS 5436 7717 are several concrete bases and one upstanding brick built accommodation block.

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Mugdock Gunsite

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