Meadowside Granary, Meadowside Quay, Glasow Harbour

Meadowside Quay
OS Ref: NS554660
Created: Mar 2004


The Great Eastern - October 2001

Sharon Halliday / Craig Jardine

at_the_door basement_storage bedroom_01 corridor_01
at_the_door.jpg         basement_storage.jpg         bedroom_01.jpg         corridor_01.jpg        
corridor_02 corridor_03 corridro_dry_rot outback_01
corridor_02.jpg         corridor_03.jpg         corridro_dry_rot.jpg         outback_01.jpg        
outback_02 stained_glass_01 stained_glass_02 stairs
outback_02.jpg         stained_glass_01.jpg         stained_glass_02.jpg         stairs.jpg        
toilets_01 tongs view_out_ack view_out_front
toilets_01.jpg         tongs.jpg         view_out_ack.jpg         view_out_front.jpg        
wall_01 wall_02    
wall_01.jpg         wall_02.jpg        



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