18 Clydebrae Street, Glasgow.
OS Ref: NS56 NE118
Created: February 2003


Engineering Drawings

Contributed by Alan Brown is a collection of engineering drawings showing elevations, cross sections and arial views.

These drawings are listed as follows:

Dock 3

Elevations of the Boiler House and Engine House

Cross Section of Dock 1 Showing Engine House & Plan of Dock 1

Caisson Cross Section


Braced Decks and Division Gate Machinery

Dock 2 Cross Section 3-3

Dock 3 Cross Section 5-5

Dock 3 Cross Section

Dock 1 Cross Section 2-2

Dock 2 Cross Section 4-4

Dock 3 Cross Section 6-6

Culvert Locations - Dock 1 Survey Drawing

Dock 2 Survey Drawing

Dock 3 Survey Drawing



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