Woodilee, Lenzie, Dunbartonshire
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Woodilee Hospital / Barony Parochial Asylum / Woodilee Lunatic Pauper Asylum

Opened 1875, Closed 2001

When the Barony Parochial Asylum at Woodilee was opened in 1875 it was the largest parochial asylum in Scotland, with 400 inmates. It closed its doors in 2001, and there are plans to begin developing the site in 2005.

Woodilee Timeline

1871: Woodilee estate at Lenzie Junction on the Edinburgh and Glasgow railway was chosen as the site. The 167-acre estate was purchased in March and cost £58 an acre. Plans were drawn up by a Glasgow architect, James Salmon and were approved in the autumn. James Grant Jnr. and his sub-contractors were hired to build the asylum.

1875: The Barony Parochial Asylum at Woodilee was opened in 1875, it was the largest parochial asylum in Scotland, with 400 inmates.

Mid 1880's: By the mid 1880s it was licensed for 600 patients.

1898: In 1898 it became the responsibility of a united District Board for the City and Barony parishes.

1900: A villa for mentally deficient children was opened in 1900.

1900's: Barony Parochial Asylum in Glasgow kept photographs of patients attached to each case note from the 1900s onwards, as well as details of cranial measurements.

1915: 1300 beds.

1930: It became a Glasgow Corporation hospital in 1930 (by which date it had been expanded to a 1,250 capacity).

1944: A new reception house and sanatorium was opened containing six wards, an operating theatre, dental surgery and a laboratory.

1948: It became a National Health Service hospital, under the Board of Management for Glasgow North Eastern Mental Hospitals, in 1948.

1957: Woodcroft House, a unit for the treatment of 20 male juvenile patients, was opened in 1957 and closed in 1978.

1960's: Agricultural labour (on the Hospital's four farms) was used as a form of work therapy until the late 1960s.

1974: In 1974 Woodilee was placed in the Northern District of the Greater Glasgow Health Board : the Northern District was followed by a complex series of short-lived a dministrative structures.

1978: Woodcroft House closed.

1987: A large part of the hospital was evacuated following the discovery of severe structural defects in the fabric of the buildings on 13 Mar 1987 ["Black Friday" to many at the hospital].

1992: Following the National Health Service reforms of 1992, the Greater Glasgow Community & Mental Health Services Trust became responsible for Woodilee.

1998: By 1998 the Trust's plans for the closure of Woodilee were at an advanced stage.

2001: Woodilee closed.


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