Lennox Castle

Lennox Castle
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Lennox Castle

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I was born at Lennox Castle Hospital in 1956, although it was a question I don't think I got a chance to ask my late dear mum... how did a very pregnant lady from Glasgow's south side end up at Lennox Castle Hospital? They must have driven past half a dozen other hospitals to get there! Still, I boast of being born in a rather unique place I guess. I've lived in Australia for 22 years now but have fond memories of my Glasgow, St James's Road, St David's Primary school & the good times we had there as children. Enjoyed looking at your web site, keep up the good work,

Ed Harkness [26/02/2004]



Does anyone have any information, stories or photographs relating to Lennox Castle? Maybe you worked there - or knew someone who did...Maybe you were a patient? or knew one? We would like to hear from you. Are our facts accurate, please let us know!





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