Hidden Glasgow: exploring Glasgow's industrial heritage and history

Glasgows' hidden architecture is disappearing due to regeneration.

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Hidden Glasgow: exploring Glasgow's industrial and urban heritage and history through photographs

It is over 10 years since Hidden Glasgow first launched, and in that time a fantastic community has developed.

This community of over 6000 has uncovered many of the mysteries of the city and continues to stitch together the history.

This year will see the launch of a new website.

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PROJECT: Glasgow Doocots (dookits)  

DOOCOTS...updated: 18/12/2003
Doocots (dovecotes) are a common feature of Glasgow's wasteland area. What were once railway tracks or blocks of flats are now the sites for these unusual structures.

PROJECT: Glasgow water towers.  

WATER TOWERS....updated 16/06/2003
These massive towers are landmarks around Glasgow.

PROJECT: Glasgow Science Centre, Imax cinema & Glasgow Tower.  

OK, not exactly a hidden gem...but given its troubles it may well be soon!

BUT...we do have a photo of Govan Dry Docks as seen from the top of the tower!!!

PROJECT: Meadowside Granary.  

MEADOWSIDE GRANARY...updated: 22/10/2003
It once dominated the skyline on the Clyde at Meadowside Quay, making sure that the sun never shone on South Street. It was one of Europe's largest brick buildings. However, regeneration plans have dictated that this massive foreboding structure be demolished.

PROJECT: Hampden Park - Scotland's "field of dreams" .  

HAMPDEN PARK - "Scotland's Field of Dreams"
OK, Hampden may not quite need to be discovered, but it has went through some changes. A few years ago it was knocked down and rebuilt, featured are some photographs taken during the rebuilding.

PROJECT: Wartime Glasgow.  

MILITARY... updated 22/11/ 2003
This project features buildings and structures that were affected by or created during WW11. Including bunkers, gun emplacements, fuel depots, barracks, etc.


PROJECT: Glasgow Zoos and Menageries.  

ZOOS & MENAGERIES...updated 18/10/2002
In the days before television people visited zoos and menageries to see exotic animals. Glasgow has had a number of these including Bostocks Scottish Zoo and Pickards Noah's Ark at the Panopticon in the Trongate.

PROJECT: Glasgow Green.  

GLASGOW GREEN ...updated 26/06/2003
One of the oldest and most historic parks in Scotland, Glasgow Green has been the site of many events. Ranging from Glasgow Fair, markets and circuses to public speeches and demonstrations.

PROJECT: Glasgow Harbour Tunnel.  

There is always a fair bit of interest in the two round buildings facing each other across the Clyde. In no particular order is some gathered information about what they were built for.

PROJECT: Govan Graving (dry) Docks.  

The three enormous Graving Docks at Govan on the South Side of the Clyde have lain unused for the last 15 years. Recent demolition work has seen what remained of the buildings being flattened to make way for redevelopment.

PROJECT: Glasgow rail.  

RAIL...updated 07/11/2003
Integral to the development of any successful city is a good transport network... Of course instead of developing and improving over the years the rail network has been neglected.

PROJECT: Winston Barracks.  

Located about two kilometers to the east of Lanark, Winston Barracks, although disused is still in remarkably good condition and is an excellent example of a British battalion sized location.

PROJECT: St Peters Seminary - Cardross College.  

The massive concrete husk of St Peters Seminary can be discovered being slowly consumed by vegetation, weather and the local young teams in the woods behind Cardross Village.

PROJECT: Glasgow district aslylums and hospitals.  

The Victorians built them and in the last 10 years they have been phased out and closed down. Now lying abandonded to the elements and the will of the ever vigilant property developers, Glasgows Asylums no longer hold patients.

PROJECT: The Great Eastern  

The Great Eastern Hotel on Duke Street is one of Glasgow's best known landmarks. It was previously known as Alexander's Mill and was built originally as a cotton spinning mill.

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