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Best Laid Plans  

Best Laid Schemes: Best Laid Schemes lets you watch full films from the Scottish Screen Archive online, on demand. You can see important, striking, powerful films from six decades of Scottish cinema. Also includes a documentary of The Bruce Plan.

Clydebridge Steelworks  

TheGlasgowStory: As told by some of Scotland's best writers, and illustrated with thousands of images from the collections of the city's world-famous libraries, museums and universities. From football to fashions, Auchenshuggle to Yoker, you'll find it all here.

Clydebridge Steelworks  

Clydebridge Steelworks in Cambuslang, at the East End of Glasgow, was one of the giants of industrial Scotland, and its' steel plates were formed into many of the most famous ships built on the River Clyde (and elsewhere) including the Lusitania, Mauretania, Queen Mary, HMS Hood, Queen Elizabeth, QE2.


The aim of Port Glasgow for You is to tell you about the history of the town, it's buildings and people. Next to Greenock and over looking the River Clyde and it's wonderful views the photo galleries will guide you through the past and into the present.


A website for families and pals all over the world to share memories and photographs of Glasgow's eastend and especially Bridgeton.Take a walk down memory lane with Old Glasgow Memories, childhood memories, Street & School photographs, games, food and songs of bygone days of yor.


The Joy of Concrete celebrates modern architecture in Glasgow, touching on buildings like St Peter's Seminary, Ruchhill hospital and the Gorbals tower blocks.


Confused and bewildered by what goes on around you? Well join the gang your not alone. CITY STROLLS is a web site born out of listening to the endless hyperbole given out by faceless public relations and the advertising machines that claims to speak and act in our name on maters and decisions concerning our city and our liberty.


St Andrew's in the Square is a beautiful 18th Century restored church right in the heart of Glasgow. The main gallery provides an amazing auditorium awash with natural light.


Thursday, 9th July 1857 - The atmosphere outside the High Court in Edinburgh was charged to fever pitch as the crowd awaited the verdict at the end of the most sensational trial of the century. Hanging in the balance was the life of Madeleine Smith, attractive 22 year old daughter of a prosperous Glasgow architect.


It's a miracle that the Glasgow Network has survived. Though it was in use as far back as the Bronze Age, its original purpose has been forgotten and nowadays millions of people walk over it every day unaware of its existence. Centuries of housing and industrial development have obliterated surface traces of Glasgow's first settlements, but we now know that special sites in the area 4,000 years ago were placed in alignment with the surrounding hills.In the tree-covered wilderness of the Clyde Valley this helped you find your way back to them


The Glasgow Guide: Great collection of information and images of all things Glasgow and the busiest Glasgow Boards I've came accross. Worth a visit.


Glasgow Museums have finally got it together and released their website, its been a long time in coming. Has some information on each of the museums. I hope that it develops over the coming years with more materail made available online.


The Glasgow architecture website is focused on contemporary architecture. The guide aims to be both informative and critical on architectural issues: it is also a valuable resource and archive.


The New Glasgow Society provides information on developments in building and architecture in historic Glasgow. They are always looking for anyone who is interested in taking an active role in monitoring planning developments in Glasgow.


House builders and estate agents in Scotland call them traditional or modern apartments however flats in Scotland's cities are known as "Tenement Flats". tenements.co.uk has an excellent selection of pictures and stories regarding these Victorian and Edwardian architectural wonders.


Cinema City and Beyond- Surviving Cinemas and Theatres. Comprehensive guide to cinemas in Glasgow, Edinburgh and beyond!


This is a new site set up using rare colour pics of the 1938 Empire Exhibition. No one else seems to have any in colour.


The Great Eastern Hotel, located on Duke St. Glasgow was a hostel for homeless men. Closed in 2001 to "guests", this site gives a completely unique glimpse of the innards of one of Glasgow's must known but unknown building.



Glasgow's Mitchell Library has an ongoing project to make its resources more accessible, a selection of photographs and other images of the city has been digitised. If you want photos of Glasgow this is where to find them!


Downward Spiral offers up a great - and well ordered - collection of photographs of Meadowside Granary.



Gerry Blaikie shows off his amazing drawings of buildings from both Glasgow and Edinburgh.



Artist Tom McKendrick has produced some fantastic and informative works. For example the Clydebank blitz.



Glasgow - City of Sculpture represents the culmination of over fifteen years of original research into the specialised subject of the history of sculpture in Glasgow.



Clyde Shipping is a fantastic source of information about the goings on on the Clyde. Great forums!



Glasgow International Exhibition of 1901, an amazing demonstration of Victorian self confidence which proudly displayed the great progress made in industry, science and art during the nineteenth century. Interesting p[age put together by Glasgow Uni.



Empire Exhibition in 1938 held at Bellahouston Park.



The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall is most famously for being the theatre in which Stan Laurel and Jack Buchanan began their careers. In l 906, A. E. Pickard took over the theatre and changed the name to Britannia and Grand Panopticon. He turned it into an entertainment
centre, offering such diverse amusements as Zoo's, freak shows, fortune tellers and wax works, in addition to the existing variety and cinema entertainment. The Britannia Panopticon survives on Glasgow's Trongate, sealed up and remarkably well preserved.



Enjoy this wee peek at Townhead, Germiston and The Garngad - otherwise known as Roystonhill.



A bit of the history of Glasgow Green put together by the cooncil.



A survey by Glasgow Uni shows us just where exactly World War 2 air raid trenches could be found on Glasgow Green.



A selection of materials from the collection of Springburn Community Museum and the initial foundations of Springburn Virtual Museum



Excellent historical information about Govan, along with a good selection of photos make this worth a visit. And coming soon will be the Glasgow Story.



Part of the Govan Story features the Graving Docks. Good selection of photos.



Grahamston is a forgotten piece of Glasgow history. It vanished beneath the foundations of Glasgow Central Station more than 100 years ago, but its memory lives on in buildings, in street patterns and not least in the urban legend of an abandoned village beneath the platforms of Scotland's busiest railway station.



Glasgows Southern Necroplolis was opened in the year 1840 the burial place of over 250,000 contributors to Glasgow's history. From Greek Thomson to Wee Willie White. The many characters from within the lairs cover so much of our city's rich and varied culture.



Great photos and video clips of some of Glasgows sights and sounds. Features the Necropolis.



The Merchant City Townscape Heritage Initiative is a five year grants programme aimed at regenerating the built environment at the historic heart of Glasgow.



Glasgow's West End: Pat's guide to what's best in the West



The Glasgow Police Museum is the Museum of Britain's First Police Force 1800 - 1975



Tongs Ya Bass! A potted history of the Glasgow gang movement from their origins in the 1840s and before.



So .. I like trains .... but Sharon doesn't care. Nice pics of the Glasgow electrics.



David Miller's photo tour along the M8 through central Glasgow, starting at the north end of the Kingston Bridge, at J19/18 and working north and then east to J14.


London Underground are ridiculously precious about their abandoned tube stations - most requests to visit the stations fall on spoilsport ears. So for those who have wondered what those old stations look like Abandoned Tube Stations was kindly created.


Railway Bridges, Viaducts and Tunnels is a good collection .... it has some sort of secret tunnel pictured!


Dewi William Glasgow pages feature loads of fantastic old photos and the more unusual George Bennie Railplane/Monorail. More on the Railplane can be found here.



This website presents a history of Scotland's railways. Lines are referred to by their original company name.



Subterranean Glasgow: Glasgow Gasworks Tunnels. Glasgow Corporation's Dawsholm Gasworks were situated adjacent to the currently closed section of North British Railway line running between Maryhill and Anniesland. The gasworks had main line links to both the North British and Caledonian railways, as well as an internal 2' gauge railway of which no trace remains.



So .. I like trains .... but Sharon doesn't care. Nice pics of the Glasgow electrics.





Rab Corbett... good for a laugh.




Virtual Tour of the Botanic Gardens and Kibble Palace.


Virtual Tour of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery.


Panoramas and Virtual Tours of familiar sites in and around Glasgow in particular and Scotland in general. Infinite-Eye seem to churn this stuff out at a tremendous rate!





Panoramas and Virtual Tours of familiar sites in and around Glasgow in particular and Scotland in general. Infinite-Eye seem to churn this stuff out at a tremendous rate!


The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) records and interprets the sites, monuments and buildings of Scotland's past, and presents them by means of publications and exhibitions.


ScotlandPast aims to bring you a taste of Scotland's history, scenery and culture using virtual reality images, 3D graphics and historical articles. There's something for everyone at ScotlandPast - you can discover the key moments in our nation's history, or just enjoy the view.


SCRAN is the award winning history and culture website providing instant access to images, sounds, movies and learning resources. It contains over one million records from museums, galleries and archives.



The National Library of Scotland has a brilliant online collection of old maps - definitely have a look. More and more of the Library's most intriguing items are being digitised, and a selection of them can be seen in this section.



CANMORE is the name given to the searchable database of the National Monuments Record of Scotland, providing information on architectural, archaeological and maritime sites throughout Scotland, along with an index to the archive collections held in the NMRS. Fantastic Resource!



The Rampant Scotland Directory brings you links to all things Scottish: 10,000+ Scottish-related Links, regularly updated. 2,000+ Web page features on Scotland and the Scots. It speaks for itself!



The Scotland Guide: online encyclopaedia, with articles about many towns, villages, famous buildings and the countryside. Biographies of well-known Scots will also be included as well as articles on the history and culture of the country.



The Scottish-Mining website. These pages were designed to provide an online resource whereby those of us researching our Scottish mining ancestors and history can share information and other resources.



The Archaeology Data Service (ADS) has lots of good search features, and some online collections.



UK - and other!


The Modern Antiquarian: A massive resource for news, information, images, folklore & weblinks on the ancient sites across of the UK & Ireland.


The Williamson Tunnels are a labyrinth of tunnels and underground caverns under the Edge Hill district of Liverpool in north-west England.
They were built in the first few decades of the 1800s under the control of a retired tobacco merchant called Joseph Williamson.




socialfiction.org carthographic sadism. gabber avant-gardism. disco socialism. peripatetic hedonism. autonomous spacetravel.


A company of Vagabonds - A blogspot which is an ongoing exploration of subterranean Glasgow as well as some of the hidden corners of the city. (and further afield) the intention is to explore the city in a physical and a subjective sense.







Urban Exploration in Scotland! Mostly delving into the underbelly of Glasgow and Ayrshire. Features
Ravenspark Asylum, Glasgow Zoo, British Telecom Tec, Winston Barracks and much more ...


Infiltration offers a mix of the practice and theory of urban exploration in areas not designed for public usage. This site is the online companion of the paper zine about going places you're not supposed to go. Well maintained site that will keep you busy for a while!


Urban Adventure features images and info about aspects of Urban Adventure, drain exploration, college tunnels, abandoned buildings, catacombs and other Urban Exploration around the world.


Odd Objects probably doesn't strictly belong in this section, but artist Paul Cosgrove has been to some odd places finding them! reminding us all once again to look with our eyes open.


London Underground are ridiculously precious about their abandoned tube stations - most requests to visit the stations fall on spoilsport ears. So for those who have wondered what those old stations look like Abandoned Tube Stations was kindly created.


Abandoned Places - Beautiful photography of abandoned sites in Belgium - definitely worthy of a visit!


The Jinx Project is a global intelligence organization, not affiliated with any government but engaged in a permanent struggle with the enemies of freedom. The project's core values are anti-totalitarianism, humanism, and unnecessary risk-taking.


Paris catacombs: Who would of thought all this was under Paris!


Modern ruins brings us people's stories and recollections about these ruins when they were alive as well as to help us better understand why people are fascinated them.


Hack Hull? from ... well Hull I suppose. They have a nice selection of social engineering projects.


Urban exploration in the UK.


Protect and Survive is an archive of old Govt. civil defense material. Not exactly in keeping with Hidden Glasgow's content ... but we did think it was good enough for inclusion ... enjoy!



For whatever reasons, like buildings, some web sites are eventually abandoned ... Abandoned Web Sites has archived some top urban exploration sites.



This website presents a history of Scotland's railways. Lines are referred to by their original company name.



Subterranea Britannica is a society devoted the the study and investigation of man-made and man-used underground places especially Cold War bunkers. This site is simply great ... I will be joining their club!!



This FAQ of the newsgroups used for the discussion of underground space in the UK



New York based urban exploration...and other strange happenings!



Urban Dialectics is a photographic platform that represents the city as a place of transition, a dialogue between humankind and its environment.



Kitty Empire: subways, hospitals, brewerys....Kitty gets around!



The Urban Explorers Network is a place for fellow explorers to find and share information about the built landscapes around us.



Urban exploration in Alberta, Canada. Loads of photos.


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