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Postby Henrysix » Fri Oct 02, 2020 12:08 pm

My dad was one of 9 possibly 10 born in the Gorbals to Jeannie Sloane who hailed from Belfast, they all had a number of jobs ranging from Polis, rag & bone, Ultrasonic Engineer, Lorry Driver, Insurance salesman, TV repair man, tyre salesman,and of course the 3 women were housewives, my other grandmother Lizzie was from Leitrim, Southern Ireland and her husband Frank was a general foreman Navvy in Scotland (they went where the work was) there are just two of the kids from the 9 or 10 left now one in the 70s and other in the 80s, they all made their marks in one way or another.
I am a well soft Southerner now but somehow I feel connected to my roots and I believe what I got from them all was “Don’t put anyone on a pedestal”, “always stand up for the wee guy” and be tenacious - it is true that “Mother Glasgow Gives Fortitude to Her Children”

What are your experiences/recollections - have you got any!
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