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Re: Gorbals - Abbotsford Place

Postby Gazza_90 » Sat May 11, 2019 10:40 pm

Guacho wrote:There was an archeology dig in McKinlay St- might be some stuff on line.

Picture of the school from the dig site
laurieston dig by guachglw, on Flickr

I attended this school from 1966 to 1974.
I lived in a tenement flat at 18 McKinlay Street which was directly across the road (long gone now).
The photo showing the archeological dig was the site of an old church building (had been closed in my days).
The internal staircase and external cast iron railings were painted a Glasgow council green colour when I attended.
The open hall leading to the classrooms was where the infants were taught Primary one to Primary four (P1 - P4).
I remember the P1 classroom had numbers one to ten painted high on the wall with graphics of random items to match.
The twin staircase was for boys one side and girls the other as the playgrounds either side of the building were segregated at that time. There were outside toilets in the playground too.
The junior school was a seperate building and it looks as though it's gone along with the church adjoining it.
Many happy days here attending Boys Brigade (50th Co.).
Janitor was called Mr Greene, wore a uniform with a cap (looked ex forces) was a true gentleman.
Thanks for uploading these photos of Abbotsford Chalmers Primary School
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Just settling in
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