My trip to Oslo, Norway - Photos and some blurb...

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My trip to Oslo, Norway - Photos and some blurb...

Postby Napalm » Thu Oct 28, 2004 11:22 am

So I got back from Oslo on Sunday but I've been way to busy with college and work to sit down and get something written and work on all the pics. Finally today I have some time!

I flew to Oslo last Tuesday with my dad on a 5 night break to get some photographs done, do some walking and hopefully get to know this country a bit more. I'd never visited Norway before but my dads been a few times so he knew what to expect there. We stayed for 3 nights at the Bastion Hotel in the cente of Oslo and then 2 nights up a mountain just outside Oslo at the Soria Maria Hotel.

Impressions of Oslo were mostly good, the people were very friendly (and the girls hot hot hot!), the city was extremely well kept and clean with no litter in sight hardly (what a change from Scotland im sad to say). Oslo definetely has its problems though, with quite a few beggers and seedy types hanging around the city. There seems to be a large divide between the rich and poor with not much sign of a large middle class group to be honest. I was quite surprised at the cultural diversity of the city, however non whites definetely seem to be getting a raw deal and struggling with Norways high prices.

So onto the main thing anyone is likely to notice when they get there. Norway is not cheap. Only reasonable things we could find were hotel prices and transport prices (well, buses and trains anyway). Everything is god damn expensive, and I mean everything. It simply didnt make any sense to splash out on a lot of things so we had to forgoe a lot of almost basic things. Like drinking with a meal, even soft drinks would leave your wallet scorched. It pays to shop around for meals and food and have a good guidebook with you, otherwise your gonna have no pennies left very quickly.

However, despite this we still enjoyed a very nice holiday and did manage to have a great time there. It reminded me most of one of my favourite countrys in Europe, Switzerland, so I enjoyed it all the more for that.

Anyway I'll stop talking now cos most people prolly wont even read this far, but if you have any questions about the trip then just post and I'll reply :)

Here are the photos from it.

Oslo - Day Shots

Oslo - Night Shots

Oslo - Snaps and Mountains

As you can see we got a raw deal on the weather and from speaking to locals it wasnt a good week even by their standards, but we made the best of it. See what you think

Nap :wink:
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Postby Sharon » Thu Oct 28, 2004 11:59 am

Great photos in there Napalm.

I'm going to add one my sister took a couple of weeks ago on a trip to Norway, I'm sure will answer many peoples question of where the hell did they all come from...

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I went to Norway too

Postby gallovidian » Thu Oct 28, 2004 1:47 pm

I went on holiday to Norway for a couple of weeks (17th Sept - 1st Oct 2004) and have to agree with you about the friendly people and how well kept the country is :) I travelled over from Newcastle to Kristiansand (in the South) via the ferry, and then travelled 350 miles North to a small place called Øvre Eidfjord - spent a week there, then travelled back down to the South West (Kvinlog) and stayed there for 5 days, so we were nearer to the ferry port. It's an extremely beautiful country - a bit more dramatic in the more Northern area I stayed in....the South Western area is so like Scotland, I had to keep reminding myself where I really was! There are alot more trees over there, though. My experience of city life is limited as I was only in one city, Bergen, for a few hours, to find a couple of graves.

I can't say that I noticed any difference between rich and poor - all the houses in the areas I was in seemed to be on a similar par in terms of size, etc - but then I was staying in the countryside. What I didn't expect to find is that all the houses over there are built of wood - like in the background of the Nedland photo above (which I took :wink: ) . I didn't experience eating out, as we took most of our food with us in the back of the 4x4 - we did shop a few times (theres loads of Co-ops over there) and noticed that cheese was well expensive - most of the other foods were similar in price to the UK. Fuel was cheaper over there (diesel anyway) the cheapest I noticed it was 65p - the most expensive 85p.

I couldn't believe how many blonde people I saw - I did expect alot of blondes - but not on such a large scale. What I also noticed was that I only saw one non-white the whole time I was there, which really surprised me. Dissapointed that I didn't see any Vikings :(

If you're into walking or driving holidays, then you could do both over there until you drop - it's like the highlands, but spread out over hundreds and hundreds of miles :D I posted shedloads of photos to if you want to have a peek.

Just thought I would contribute my experiences from other parts of the country :)


Oh - I also experienced keech weather, and for nearly the whole 350 mile journey from the ferry, you couldn't see the tops of the mountains - however the last week there produced clear blue skies :D
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