Model Rail SECC 2014

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Model Rail SECC 2014

Postby MacotheIsles » Mon Feb 24, 2014 7:45 pm

Some random snappings from this year's Model Rail. The dedication of these modellers is extraordinary and in prying into the detail of the exhibits one feels that one has 'crossed the fence' so to speak, dared the 20 shilling trespass penalty and walked upon sanctified ballast. There are rules to be obeyed (no touching, no derailing trains with incautious telephoto lenses, and remember to look politely the other way when a loco sticks on the points). I took about 190 shots which I will happily share if anyone wants any. Meantime there are these...

P1000194 72ppi.jpg

P1000197 72ppi.jpg

P1000233 72 ppi.jpg

P1000308 72 ppi.jpg

P1000309 72 ppi.jpg


P1000398 72 ppi.jpg

P1000380 72 ppi.jpg

P1000318 72 ppi.jpg

P1000338 72 dpi.jpg

All pictures - Hasselblad Platinum Emperor Mk XII (Special Edition). 96000 ISO at 29 petapixels.
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Re: Model Rail SECC 2014

Postby Sharon » Tue Feb 25, 2014 5:10 pm

These little worlds and just so wonderfully created and well photographed with your super camera ;)
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