St Peter's Seminary - Cardross

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St Peter's Seminary - Cardross

Postby _buff_ » Sun Aug 10, 2003 12:07 am

Hi Folks

This place is absolutely incredible...

First - location

Multimap map of Cardross
The seminary is on the former site of Kilmahew House (more or less in the centre of the map) Zoom out the map to find out how to get to Cardross or if you know the area all you need to do is follow signs for Helensburgh from Dumbarton until you reach Cardross.

Second - a wee bit more info

Well, I've just got back from the Seminary with a friend... We parked the car closeby on the road that leads to Low Mindovan in a lay by (I'd watch where you park as we passed a burnt out car in the main entrance... toasty!)

We then cut across a field full of cows and were about to give up, thinking we'd gone the wrong way, when we stumbled our way round a thicket and right in front of us was the seminary - a huge concrete 5 or 6 floor structure... just looming there in the trees. It was also getting dark as it was around 9pm so the light was fading but the seminary looked like a concrete Glasgow airport but with hundreds of little windows. In a way it looked like a post-nuclear war scene - you know... everything but the concrete was gone and the trees and nature were all starting to take over. We followed the security fence around to the side of the building where we found a gaping hole through which me made our entry (oh, and while I remember... a word of advice... don't wear shorts... I have one word for you - nettles.... hundreds of effing nettles!)

Anyway, now I've whet your appetite I'll leave you to discover the rest... A few words of caution though - don't go alone... this place does look like it might be a haunt for weirdos (given that there is still an altar in there and we found a few pages torn from a cook book on preparing raw meat!), druggies and neds (however, if you fall into any of those categories then you'll feel right at home!).. what else... well, the building itself seems really stable but anything not made of concrete has either collapsed or rotted away - that means the structure is all there but that there are loads of holes in the floor where wooden covers once were or where wooden partitions separated floors... (don't take my word for it though - be careful - I'm no expert!)

Well, enjoy yourselves... take a camera... and maybe I'll bump into you when I take a visit back (now that would scare the shit out of me!... not becuase I think you're scary but that meeting anyone in there would be frightening!... you know what I mean...)


P.S. Turn off your mobile phone - my mate's phone rang and we both nearly required a change of undies!
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Postby Sharon » Sun Aug 10, 2003 11:05 am

The seminary will probably make it onto the official tourist trail at some point, given the volumes of people that visit the place for either architectural or curiousity reasons. There have been calls for it to be preserved as a modern ruin - although it wouldn't be quite the same if you had to pay at the gate!

It is a stunning building, every angle you see it from holds a new suprise.

Yep, we met the local young team when we went, which provided us with a ready made team of eager and nimble guides! (see photos of how they got up and down the buildings - for the rest of us, there are stairs!) According to them loads of people go there, for all sorts of reasons! - put it this way they were glad we were only there to take a few photos and have a look around. I believe they had been chased by local cannabis growers before! (greenhouses on the roof at one point!)

Theres a castle a short walk from the seminary, not much of it left though!

The place is amazing, and you don't need much imagination to conjure up all sorts of scary happenings up there.

I need a second visit to try and get some better photos - and to check out the teaching wing.
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Stairs ?

Postby turbozutek » Tue Aug 12, 2003 2:58 pm

Whadddya mean 'for the rest off us there's the stairs' ???

I didn't use them ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!

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