scheme for the botanic gardens tunnel

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scheme for the botanic gardens tunnel

Postby franki » Thu Oct 12, 2006 1:32 pm

hi there,

i know that there is alot about the tunnel under the botanics but i wanted to get your opinions:

i am an architect student in my final year and am looking to do my thesis project based on this tunnel.

I am looking to re-introduce the tunnel into public use and incorporate it into my scheme.

so far i have chosen the site but am toying with a number of functions for my project.

as there has been so much interest in the tunnel on this chat page i was interested in what you guys thought.

A couple of the many ideas so far are:

a. some sort of arts centre where spaces can be booked out for free from anything to group comunity works to individuals for workshops/studios or exhibitions?

b. or some sort of crafts market?

these are just initial ideas so am totally open to suggetion.


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Just settling in
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Postby duncan » Mon Oct 16, 2006 8:28 pm

the shape of it might suit the market idea. basically long station platforms, with a couple minor spaces that could be separate rooms. the platforms wouldn't accommodate anything much larger than market stalls. of course, if you filled in the tracks (or removed the platforms) so it was all one level, it would let you have bigger spaces.

you could probably do something nice with skylights.

the tunnel extends far beyond the botanics station, which could provide more room or storage space.
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