Social Enterprise in Scotland week - Glasgow 2- 8 Sept '19

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Social Enterprise in Scotland week - Glasgow 2- 8 Sept '19

Postby escotregen » Tue Aug 27, 2019 1:48 pm

Not sure where was best to post this. A wide range of talks, demos, exhibitions etc. being put on in Glasgow as part of the Social Enterprise in Scotland week 2 to 9 September. Emphasis is very much on practical stuff on what people are doing and creating. (BTW for those who are not familiar with it, 'social enterprise' is the 'not for profit' or 'for more than just profit' social business model. The aim is to use enterprise and skill along with voluntary support to help contribute to the common good in society and communities. Part of the aim is to try and escape the 'begging bowl' routine of having to go the local or central government to plead for grant help (help that's usually short-term, complicated to get, and comes with strings attached).
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