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New camera dilema. Opinions?

PostPosted: Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:09 pm
by BTJustice
Hi all, as you were so helpfull in pointing me the right way 3 years ago when I bought my Lumix TZ7 compact I thought I would bend the general ear for a few opinions on its possible replacement.

The camera has been great but Im starting to feel restricted by the lack of control.

I have a budget of around £400.

Im looking for something with a few more functions and has a bit more control.

I really want something that can fit in a pocket as I have a Nikon F-601 35mm SLR that rarely got used due to its bulk.

I do a lot of shots when out on my bike and sometimes in the kind of areas I dont want to draw too much attention to an expensive camera so small and fast is helpful.

I have been looking at Lumix LX7 as it seems to get good reviews and fits the bill but worried the lack of long zoom might be restrictive.

I have also been looking at the GX1 this is pushing the limits for size and stretching budget.

Another possible contender is the GF3. Swapable lenses, within budget but looks like it lacks control.

So do any of you fine people have experience with any of these cameras, opinions or warnings?

Many thanks for your time,


Re: New camera dilema. Opinions?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 9:16 pm
by BTJustice
Right-o. I took the plunge before xmas money dissapeared.

I looked at the Cannon G15 and I know the look of the camera is a bad way to base a selection but it looks clunky and a bit ugly.

I had a fuji a few years ago and had reliability issues and took note to avoid the interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras as they can be really slow so went with what I know and picked up a new Lumix LX7, spare battery, sd card and case for £271 which I thought was a good price.

I will post results when it arrives.