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Kelvinhaugh's (and wider) going corporate

PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2012 9:37 pm
by MungoDundas
Used to be some handy trade and business places west of the city.

Look's like it's all going peripheral for us grown ups these days.

Any normal low rise useful site west of town seems to be ditched
for Watkins Jones built Unite managed student flats, now we have
to motor to Cardonald or Drumchapel for our bargains. Tsscchh!

Sood Enterprises (fair play - Elmbank St still open, rather amazingly).
2 Old Dumbarton Road, wef 15.10.12



Comet 235 Dumbarton Road, wef 27.10.12



Partco 189 Yorkhill Street, wef 10.09.12 ?


On the other hand:
Supply chain architects - rise to the challenge, make 'em good uns!
Aye right - like fizz....

Re: Kelvinhaugh's (and wider) going corporate

PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:44 pm
by hairyhaw
The old Comet on Dumbarton Rd is definitely going to be student flats, as is the old BP opposite Firebird.

Not heard or seen anything about the old Car parts place on Yorkhill st, but Strathclyde Homes had a planning application in for a mini-tower block (for students) on the plot of wasteground nextdoor on Gilbert st. Don't know if that got approved as there had been objections from folks across the road on the grounds of privacy due to the planned height of the development.

Anything going in there would perhaps be similar to the rest of the residential buildings on the Haugh Rd - this appears to have been a factor driving the rather uninspiring design for the student halls which will replace the old timber depot at 107 Kelvinhaugh St, when they knock that down at the start of next year.