Remembering the Metropole - 7th Oct Mitchell Library

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Remembering the Metropole - 7th Oct Mitchell Library

Postby dimairt » Tue Sep 30, 2014 6:08 pm

I've added an email that I received today from Doreen Edgar who organised the brochure on North Woodside's history.



I enclose part of an email that I received today from Trish Grant at the Mitchell Library about an event being held next Tuesday. Don’t really have that many local contacts who would remember the Metropole, but thought that both of you gentlemen may know of some people who would be interested? I have put the info on a couple of forums and will suggest to Trish that she contacts QCHA and CCH, if she has not already done so.

Details are in the latest brochure that can be downloaded from ... c_web3.pdf

I’ve been liaising with NW Area Team about bringing a core audience to the event which I have organised with Scottish Theatre Archive at Glasgow University Library Special Collections next Tuesday. Recently I was speaking to Jonny Howes and he said that you were one of the people he would contact about the day and encourage other people to come along. I know that you have already booked in, and as I already knew you, I said that I would contact you directly.

We do have scope for more people to come along, especially people from the Woodside area who would remember The Metropole well and its impact on the area. Could I ask you to tell people in your networks that they are welcome to come along? We’d like people to book so that we can get an idea of numbers for tea and coffee in the afternoon, and if anyone has a particular query that we can check out in advance. We’re also happy to take donations if anyone has theatre material like programmes etc that they would like to give us as this helps the collections to grow and keeps the connections with local communities and their collections.
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