The Holy Wells in & around Glasgow

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Re: The Holy Wells in & around Glasgow

Postby BillM » Wed Sep 28, 2011 7:31 am

RDR wrote:There's a Ladywell in Motherwell. I wonder if it falls under the holy wells group?

Yes, this was a Holy Well and it gave the town its name. Unfortunately the well no longer exists. But Motherwell's other ancient holy well, St. Patrick's Well, beside the Old Dalziel Church and graveyard, does. The date on the well housing is 1723 but the well goes back very much further than this, perhaps by over a thousand years.

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Re: The Holy Wells in & around Glasgow

Postby Grahame » Fri Sep 23, 2016 7:45 am

The Bogle's Well, High Street -
Northern Antiquarian wrote:The well is mentioned in Andy MacGeorge’s (1880) excellent study in his description of ancient wells in the city. Citing notes from the 17th century, amidst many sites,

“Another was Bogle’s Well, in regard to which there is a minute of the town council “that Bogillis Well should be assayed for bringing and convoying the water of the same to the Hie street according to the right the town hes thereof,” and the magistrates are recommended to arrange for having this done “by conduits of led.””

From here:
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Re: The Holy Wells in & around Glasgow

Postby Vinegar Tom » Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:05 pm

Sharon wrote:After HGs visit to the polish club (apparently theres another polish club at st georges x) my taxi driver on the way home told me a wee story about a white witch wanting to sell healing water from the Lady Well - although according to wikipedia it is capped so that could be a tricky endeavour!

His version of this story had more detail... unfortunately alcohol provides a buffer between the detail and the recall! :?

Something a bit Wickery was going on when I paid a visit to the Ladywell earlier in the summer:

Image01 The Lady Well by Vinegar Tom, on Flickr

Image03 Offerings by Vinegar Tom, on Flickr

Image02 Corn Dolly by Vinegar Tom, on Flickr
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