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Re: Ra Pawn

Postby Mori » Fri Aug 21, 2009 12:13 am

New pawnbroker @ Govan x .

Reference: 09/01886/DC Community Cnl: Govan
Address: Unit 2 Govan Cross Shopping Centre 795 Govan Road
Proposal: Display of externally illuminated fascia sign and non illuminated projecting
pawnbroker sign.
Date Received: 14.08.2009 Date Valid: 14.08.2009
Details:Albemarie And Bond Pawnbrokers Ltd
Agent Details: 0207 566 8400
Per Mr D O'Mahoney 54 St John Street LONDON
Ward: Govan
Type: Advertisement Consent Level:
Case Officer: Mr F Macleod, 0141 287 6043
Listing: Cons Area: Govan
Map Reference: (E) 255400 (N) 665704
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Re: Ra Pawn

Postby Princess Zelda » Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:41 am

I had a Pawnbrokers shop in my close, on the first floor until about five years ago, when it was converted to a flat. It has moved around the corner into a shop on Dumbarton Rd, and now adds cheque cashing and pay day advances to the services it offers. It used to take a one hour lunch break, and lots of desperate people would buzz my door while it was closed, wanting into the close to wait. Apparently the shop had been there since 1908, when the building was erected. Those creaky balls swinging used to be very annoying on a windy day!

I had to call an ambulance once for a girl who was lying on the stairs, unrousable and with a very mottled face who had a needle lying next to her. I went downstairs to the guy at the Pawn, and asked him to direct the ambulance crew upstairs, as I was going to wait with this girl. All he had had to say was it was nothing to do with him. Aye right!

Anyway, when the ambulance eventually arrived, she was coming round and wouldnt go with them as she had to get jellies to her man, so all's well that ends well! I do not miss the pawn, its relocation must have helped increase the value of my flat :D
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