pre-M8 Charing Cross and Anderston

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pre-M8 Charing Cross and Anderston

Postby mirmite » Wed Nov 23, 2016 7:09 pm

hello! I'm doing some research on the places demolished during the building of the M8 - particularly focusing on Charing Cross and Anderston. I'd really like to speak to some people who lived in these areas before the M8 was built and they had to move out - and ask about their memories of the place and how it felt for it to be demolished. It's for an art project at uni - maybe resulting in an animation with audio... I realise the people I'm looking for will be getting on a bit now, but if anyone had any idea where I could start in terms of finding people who might like to be informally interviewed that would be so helpful! thanks :)
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Re: pre-M8 Charing Cross and Anderston

Postby Delmont St Xavier » Fri Nov 25, 2016 10:00 am

The Anderston Diaspora includes places like Easterhouse, Garthamlock, Knightswood, Partick along with many other places. There are some great photos of the area pre-demolishing on the Virtual Mitchell website. Many of the folks that I know (my deceased family included) hailed from the area and those I know now are of an age that you have to get in quick before memories fade.

Some of the people that I know now live in Knightswood but others moved to Garthamlock, Easterhouse and East Kilbride amongst other places. So you might want to think of approaching local libraries, community centres and churches in these districts - a wee flyer or letter of intent might help you with your project. I can only provide this link to Knightswood Churches, whose memberships will have Andersonians in their midst.
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