Cafe Upstairs

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Cafe Upstairs

Postby mucman » Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:34 pm

First of all, hello to all forists.

I write from Germany and my English is not the best.
Maybe I am completely wrong here with my question.

If that is so, I apologize.

My question, especially to the older forists, is as follows:

My mother was an Au-Pair girl in Glasgow 60 years ago.
She often tells me about this time and is now a lady of over 80 years.

In her stories there is often a "Cafe Upstairs". This must have been at this time, about 1958,
a popular dance cafe in Glasgow.

Since I will soon be going to Scotland with my mother, I would also like to visit this place with her.
Unfortunately she can't remember the address of the Cafe Upstairs and of course I have no chance to know where it was.

Of course the cafe will no longer exist after this time. But I would like to lead my mother to this place, because of the old times. Maybe she remembers the surroundings and so the memories come back.

If there are only younger members in this forum, it would be nice if they would ask their grandparents about the Cafe Upstairs.

Thank you very much.
Just settling in
Just settling in
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Re: Cafe Upstairs

Postby BTJustice » Sun Sep 16, 2018 2:45 pm

Hello mucman, do you have any further details beyond what you have posted? Was the name of the establishment "Cafe upstairs" or is this just how she remembers it?
Was it a Cafe or a dance hall?

My first thought was the Willow tearooms on Sauchiehall street as this is indeed a cafe thats upstairs and is quite famous but the "popular dance cafe" part of your request has thrown me.

Hope we can help,

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