HiddenGlasgow: The Concept

To expose the secret and hidden side of Glasgow through photographs, maps and images.

Glasgow was once the mighty second city of the empire, but the collapse of heavy industry saw the city fade into urban decay and dereliction.

This is a trend that is being reversed by a concerted effort to regenerate the city, however this inevitably means the complete obliteration of what once made up the fabric of the city.

There are still remnants of the past visible, and this site asks you to stop and look more closely at what you see every day. Take a little more time to look and appreciate the architecture.

We will try to explain and explore closed, disused and unknown buildings and structures; and to find answers for those questions you had about buildings and places.

We have started to gather together archives of the unusual, if you have any extra information, stories, photographs or ideas please drop us a line. We will be happy to give you credit.

How it began

Hidden Glasgow was dreamt up over a few whiskies and a shared love of discovering the unexpected, in the summer of 2001 by myself (Sharon) and my boyfriend Iain. Sadly Iain died in Febriuary 2002.

Since the project began it has steadily gathered momemtum and has captured the imagination of many, resulting in an extensive and burgeoning archive of images, information and stories connected with the buildings and locations featured.

At this point in time the Hidden Glasgow project has to be fitted in around my day job running my web development business Infinite Eye, which does mean there is just never quite enough time to put together all the material that has been gathered!