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Winston Barracks

Located about two kilometers to the east of Lanark, Winston Barracks, although disused is still in remarkably good condition and is an excellent example of a British battalion sized location. I have no firm information but I belief the barracks closed in the early 70's and were "mothballed" until the mid 80's to be used as a military hospital in the event of large scale conventional war in Eastern Europe. Prior to closure it was the regimental depot for the Cameronians. Once the care and maintenance was reduced by the MoD in the late 80's the internal fittings were slowly dismantled by the thieves (despite the security guards??).... the kitchens were stolen along with the beautiful wooden floor in the gymnasium. The site was finally disposed of by the MoD in 1994 and purchased by Ferry Dean Development Ltd of the Isle of Man.
Amongst the many projects I have yet to complete the photographic cataloging of Winston Barracks is still number one. I grow ever concerned about the future and fear that one day the site will be demolished and replaced with residential housing.

Today (22/12/01) I passed Winston but unfortunately I didn't have either my tripod or much time ..... so I quickly took a few snaps to keep me going until the Summer when I will ask the MoD for permission to fully catalogue the site.
Please excuse the quality of the pictures .... remember yesterday the Winter Solstice! Click on the link below to access the photos and map. [Iain]

25/06/03 - The above information was gathered and written by Iain 2 a few months before he died. This site is worthy of another visit in the near future to check on its current state. [sharon]

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Good to see the place still standing. Entered Winston as a a NS recruit on 5/1/56 and survived the ensuing 10weeks of squarebashing without too much pain. I did my square bashing there commencing 5/1/56. I was one of the few near locals, having been reared in Lamington.

Very comfortable barracks compared to the depots of Royal Scots,HLI etc.

Supervising NCOs were WOII Kirk, Sgt Hennis, Cpl Dinsdale. I was brought up 14 miles from Winston at Lamington. Now resident W Australia .cdj 23273303.


Chris Johnston [22/07/2003]

Just browsing on the net and Winston Barracks in all its glory. My ten weeks training in 1944 was across the way in wooden huts. Memories of going into Lanark to the Church of Scotland and using their writing paper and envelopes for my letters home. We have been living in Melbourne for forty years, but we still have a soft spot for the years gone by.

Regards John. [17/02/2004]


Does anyone have any information, stories or photographs relating to Winston Barracks? maybe you remember serving time there?





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