Lunatic Asylums, Glasgow hospitals

Created: October 2003


The Victorians built them and in the last 10 years they have been phased out and closed down. Now lying abandoned to the elements and the will of the ever vigilant property developers, Glasgows Asylums no longer hold patients.

Your Memories

I had my 3rd child in Belvidere Hospital - I understand the spelling is as above, but I may be wrong. Joseph was born on 3rd July 1965. I went into premature labour and was taken there instead of Duke Street. I had a Caesarian Section. They insisted I slept "sitting up" and propped me up with pillows - and kept waking me up during the night because I had slipped down. They did have a magternity unit, but the staff could not say how long it had been since a section had been previously carried out. Another patient was Fay Flood who had her 3rd son while I was in the hospital. We called here Fay Flood and her 3 puddles. The ward we slept in was nice and had french windows into the garden. It was really old hospital and looked it. But as you can see it was not only a fever hospital.

Margaret Clyde [29/01/2004]





Does anyone have any information, stories or photographs relating to any of the abandoned hospitals or asylums? Maybe you worked there - or knew someone who did... We would like to hear from you. Are our facts accurate, please let us know!





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